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We have lift-off! Over the course of the next year, we are producing a series of arts projects in Weston. We’re gathering industry-leading artists and local community groups to build these projects together and develop new creative ideas for the town.

There are loads of ways you can get involved.
Our latest opportunities are listed below.
This website is growing, so please keep checking back for the latest news.



We are taking over an empty shop in the centre of Weston. It will be our home for the year, and we want to share it. So whether you’re a sculptor or a storyteller, a graphic designer or a dancer, and whether you’re an experienced practitioner or just starting out, you’re welcome to join a community of creatives. Whenever there’s space, you can work in the studios for free: make a mess, make noise, meet new collaborators. Need some advice on funding or professional development? Come have a cuppa and chat to our producing team.
We’ve started gathering people together to help us clear up the space - please drop us an email if you’d like to keep up to date as our plans develop.


Choreographer Clare Reynolds is joining us to offer a free fortnightly dance workshop. These sessions are designed to offer an opportunity for dancers of all experience levels (from total beginners to professionals) to move together. Create and explore inclusive and uplifting dance work with Clare, Co-Director of Restoke - a company renowned for creating performances in adventurous spaces.

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We need you, to manipulate the truth.

The Guerrilla Media Unit is a group of emerging artists working together to create new myths for Weston using contemporary media - from street poster campaigns to viral videos to underground podcasts. Led by John Norton (award-winning theatre maker, DJ and sound artist) with visiting professional experts from a range of artforms and backgrounds, the Unit will meet once a week to share ideas, learn new skills, and uncover new stories around the town.



At the heart of TERRESTRIAL’s programme in Weston is co-creation: we have invited innovative artists from around the UK to collaborate with local groups to devise projects together.

So, alongside the public events listed here, we are bringing together:
Addaction North Somerset and choreographer Clare Reynolds (Co-Director of Restoke, makers of explosive dance work in surprising spaces).

Extend Learning Academies Network of primary schools and maverick theatre duo Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari (of legendary underground collective Shunt).

Big Worle Community Hub and Verity Standen (renowned composer and creator of enchanting music experiences).

And we’re collaborating with University Centre Weston to work with John Norton (of Give It A Name, winners of The Space Prize for Innovation) to recruit members to the Guerrilla Media Unit.


We are looking to form a team of local champions to help us ensure that TERRESTRIAL’s work has the strongest possible impact in Weston. We will meet every few weeks to share stories from our projects and discuss how we can reach diverse groups across the town and connect with other cultural projects. Maybe you’re a community organiser? Maybe you run a local business? Maybe you have connections with family groups, social clubs or sports teams? Or maybe you simply want to help support some wild arts activities? We’re holding a meeting for anyone interested to come find out more.

Large photos of launch event by Tilly May

Large photos of launch event by Tilly May